16 août 2012

トリーバーチ Patent パテント レザー コンチネンタルウォレット 長財布 ダークブルー

トリーバーチ 財布In the end the fly in the ointment of this project to bring a similar automotive product to market was a lack of real corporate interest. Talk about opportunity lost and not seeing the trees from the forest - or in case the highways and interstates from the roads. Interestingly enough G. M. had missed the boat when it failed to notice the excitement by the general public of its accidental development of an inexpensive "Sports Car" to the American automotive market.

トリーバーチ Patent パテント レザー コンチネンタルウォレット 長財布 ダークブルー

トリーバーチ 財布super design!

It can be said that the first low priced "personal" car was the Chevrolet Corvair. Chevrolet had subtly introduced bucket seats to its Corvair sports coupe in the 1960 model year. Compared to its other lineups in its stable the Corvair sports coupe sold like hotcakes. The expression regarding the sales of Mustangs was they sold like donuts, Corvair sports coupes sold like hotcakes.

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The offering was a hot product - a real eye popper. These cars were offered in color-keyed interiors, the trademark comfortable vinyl bucket seats and in the 1961 model year the option of a fast four speed gearbox. The marketing message may have eluded General Motors and their top executives but it sure was not lost on their competitors. Ford and Chrysler, both taking the cue rushed to equip their similar products in a similar way.

トリーバーチ Patent パテント レザー コンチネンタルウォレット 長財布 ダークブルー

トリーバーチ 財布高割引-toryburchjplogo. com

For the Ford Motor Company it was time to dress up their "compact "car the Ford Falcon. In the case of Chrysler the Valiant line got the treatment. The Mustang was not the first of the "Pony "muscle cars. Indeed Ford was even the originator of the concept. The concept and market did not originate overnight. While it took time for fruition it was Ford's fortune of both bringing the product to market.


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